An old drawing table faces my yard where I am constantly reminded about the beauty of nature.  Here is where my animals come to life, where I set my artistic goals, achieve my visions and where I love to draw.

When my father only had a little over a month to live, I took to pen and paper and started drawing in the hospital waiting room. Having never considered myself an artist, I found myself drawing page after page of connecting and overlapping spirals.

Juvenile Cheetahs – Endangered

The spirals I drew on scrap sheets of paper captured me: I fell into them and their repetition…thousands of them connected to form a shape, to represent a life form – out of the multitude, an individual, the multitude of spirals connected to form a shape, a life form. And just like the spiral that starts out vast and closes in to a minute point that is how I rendered my animals. I draw the body, limbs and muscles making my way to the head and face and lastly filling in the eyes. At which point I could look my animal in the eyes, smile and say hello.

Today, Spiral Species represents over 130 animals many of which are endangered. As you step in to take a closer look at my work, you are making a decision to embrace our connection…and the infinite number of connections we have with all living things, including plants, animals and the ecosystems.

Emperor Penguin- Threatened

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