About Me

My name is Kerry Cumpstone, I love my drawing drawing space.  An old drawing table faces my back yard where I am constantly reminded about the beauty of nature.  Here is where my animals come to life, where I set my artistic goals, achieve my visions and where I love to draw.

In 2015, when my father was diagnosed with lymphoma and only had a little over a month to live, I took to pen and paper and started drawing in the hospital waiting room. Having never considered herself an artist, I found myself drawing page after page of doodles.

“The circles I drew on the page as I sat next to my father captured me: I fell into them and their repetition…a million circles connected to form a shape, to represent a life form – out of the multitude, an individual,” I explained. In the waiting room, the multitude of circles connected to form a shape, a life form, drawing the eye last, and saying “hello” to the first animal I drew looking back at myself on the page.

Today, my Circle of Life pieces of endangered animals, adding the eyes last to give the animal its soul, connecting the viewer with the animal. I said “As you step in to take a closer look at my work, you are making a decision to embrace our connection…and the infinite number of connections we have with all living things, including plants, animals and the ecosystems,”.

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